How to contact us by phone

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office receives hundreds of calls each day. Dispatchers in the Communications Division prioritize those calls into three categories. Calls with “life or death” circumstances are known as “Priority One” calls. “Priority Two” calls ask officers to respond to the crime scene as soon as possible without the use of any warning lights or sirens. “Priority Three” calls are to be answered at officers’ earliest convenience.

Only use 9-1-1 for Emergencies

If you have a situation that requires assistance but is not life-threatening, call the public safety agency listed below that serves your area.

Bartlett Police...............901-385-5555

Memphis Police...............901-545-2677

Collierville Police..........901-853-3207

Millington Police..............901-872-3333

Germantown Police......901-754-7222

Shelby County Fire..........901-222-8010

Memphis Fire.................901-458-8281 Shelby County Sheriff.....901-379-7625

Sheriff's Office Bureau Contact Email & Phone Directory Listing

General Info. Sheriff's Office 901-222-5500  
Executive Assistant to the Sheriff 901-222-5560  
Accreditation Manager 901-222-5541  
Budget & Finance 901-222-5596  
Bureau of Professional Standards & Integrity 901-222-5700  
Citizens Academy 901-222-6099  
Civil Process 901-222-6002  
Commissions & Compliance 901-222-5659  
Communications 901-379-7625  
Computer Systems 901-222-5997
Crime Prevention 901-222-5843  
Criminal Courts Clerk's Office 901-222-3200
Emergency Services 901-222-5875  
Fugitive 901-222-5620  
General Investigations Bureau 901-222-5600  
General Sessions Clerk's Office
General Sessions Courts Division
Homeland Security 901-222-5950  
Internal Auditing 901-222-6064  
Jail Downtown (Men) 901-222-4830
Jail East (Women) 901-222-6600  
Jail Information Line 901-222-4700  
Jury Info 901-222-1650  
Legal Office 901-222-5656
Metro DUI 901-222-5889  
Metro Narcotics/Street Crimes 901-222-5400  
Patrol 901-222-5883  
Public Relations 901-222-5536  
Purchasing 901-222-5510  
Range 901-222-6575  
Records & ID
Report Center 901-222-3180  
Reserves 901-222-5875
SCSDA 901-373-7997  
SCSO FMLA Manager 901-222-2392  
SCSO HR 901-222-2380  
Special Services    
SWAT Team 901-222-5400  
Traffic 901-222-5859  
Traffic Records 901-222-5859  
Training Academy 901-222-6099  
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