The Shelby County Sheriff's Office consists of various Teams and Units. Each one is a specialized and highly trained group specializing in crime apprehension of a particular type. Shelby County also has officers represented in various national and state Task Forces.

Operation Triggerlock

The Task Force members screen and investigate armed, violent and recidivist criminals for possible federal prosecution with special emphasis on reviewing cases for possible sentencing under the “three-strike” law. One criteria for reviewing a case for possible adoption and prosecution is the defendant must have at least two prior violent felony convictions with the current arrest being that of a violent crime with a weapon.

Violent Crimes Task Force

The Violent Crimes Task Force mission is to vigorously attack violent crime and causes of violent crime committed by either adult and/or juvenile offenders through a coordinated effort among federal, state, and local authorities. The Western District of Tennessee covers the area from the Mississippi River to the Tennessee River.

Operation Cease-Fire

The Task Force members and juvenile court staff attempt to interview all juveniles who are arrested for possession of a firearm to determine and maintain statistics on how juveniles are getting weapons and to identify cases for federal prosecution under the Youth Handgun Safety Act. Weapons, when recovered and accepted, are submitted to ATF for tracing. In emergency cases a trace results can be obtained within 24 hours.

Enforcement Teams

Through the use of information provided by informants and concerned citizens as well as investigations conducted by detectives assigned, this unit conducts operations which result in the arrest of drug dealers on the street as well as the execution of search warrants where drug dealers live, store, and sell narcotics. This unit also seizes assets obtained by drug dealers through the sale of illegal drugs, helping make the narcotics unit self-sustaining.

Hotel/Motel Interdiction

Through contacts with Hotel-Motel employees and managers, this unit conducts investigations involving drug dealers who find an element of safety leading a transient life style. By educating the employees of the establishments for certain indicators to look for and advising them not to act on their own but to contact law enforcement so that they may evaluate the information and take appropriate action.

Task Forces

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has officers assigned to the DEA Task Force, the DEA Airport Task Force, the FBI Gang Task Force, and the Attorney General's Interdiction Task Force.

DEA Task Force

The Drug Enforcement Administration has a resident office located in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Within this office, there is a drug task force comprised of representatives from several local agencies in Shelby County as well as representatives from other federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The local agencies that have representatives assigned to the Drug Enforcement Task Force are the Bartlett Police Department, the Germantown Police Department, the Tennessee State Attorney General's Office, the Millington Police Department, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, and the Memphis Police Department.

DEA Airport Task Force

Officers from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office are assigned to the Memphis International Airport. This group of officers works in conjunction with other local agencies and basically form a separate and independent task force affiliated with the DEA. These officers are responsible for investigating the trafficking of narcotics and/or the transportation of narcotics proceeds via commercial airlines. This task force is extremely beneficial in the deterrence of narcotics trafficking throughout the nation. This task force has been responsible for the seizure of a tremendous amount of narcotics and has been intrinsic in the aid to other agencies among the United States in the investigation of drug trafficking crimes.

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