Fugitive Field Division

The Field Officers are responsible for the execution of outstanding warrants within the boundaries of Shelby County. These officers arrest approximately 850 persons on warrants monthly. Field officers are also assigned to the main office for the purpose of assisting the general public as well as attorneys, bonding company representatives, and/or other law enforcement agencies in the answering of questions and inquiries pertaining to outstanding warrants and general information relating to the Fugitive Division's operation.

In addition, it is also the responsibility of these office personnel to handle all walk-in arrests, warrant arrests within the Criminal Justice Complex as well as any surrounding governmental agency that is with-in walking distance of the Fugitive office. Fugitive officers, both field and office, clear approximately 3300 warrants each month.

Fugitive File Room

The file room is where all arrest warrants are filed and maintained. The safekeeping of these warrants and files are the responsibility of the file room personnel. These personnel, upon request, will verify the existance of a warrant to law enforcement officers. Verification of a warrant must be made prior to the actual arrest of an individual. The file room maintains approximately 32,000 warrants.

Extradition Unit

The Extradition Unit's main purpose is to help coordinate between Law Enforcement agencies, the apprehension and return of wanted individuals. This includes other states as well as our own. We work hand and hand with other agencies in an effort to bring criminal back to Tennessee as well as deliver them to other agencies. The Extradition Unit was involved in the arrest of approximately 800 fugitives last year. If any Law Enforcement Agencies need assistance apprehending a fugitive in our area, contact the Fugitive Extradition Unit. Email: FugitiveExtradition@shelby-sheriff.org

Fugitive Research

Personnel assigned to the research unit are responsible for the locating of fugitives by the use of many forms of information, and data bases. The researcher must look at the data available along with taking information from other sources, such as Crime Stoppers, in an attempt to locate fugitive's home address and/or work. Once a researcher finds new information, it is then recorded in the computer and relayed to the field officers. In addition, when officers on the street obtain new information, the research personnel can generally provide immediate verification or denial which prevents the field officer from wasted effort and greatly enhances productivity. Approximately 50% of all warrants issued require research.

Shelby County Warrant's W.A.S.P (Wireless Apprehension & Search Project)

The Shelby Warrant's W.A.S.P. is currently in use by the Fugitive, Patrol, Civil, GIB, SWAT,and Gang divisions of the SCSO. It is also being utilized by many other local municipal police departments and Sheriff's Offices and is being added to others each week.

The Shelby Warrant's W.A.S.P. provides officers with a tool that allows them to access criminal history information, Tennessee driver's license data as well as photos and outstanding warrant information.

Visit the Shelby Warrant's W.A.S.P. online version today at this address: www.shelbywarrants.org



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