The Shelby County Sheriff's Office Canine Unit consists of both dual purpose patrol dogs and single purpose narcotics detector dogs. The dual purpose canines are responsible for assisting Uniform Patrol, Street Crimes, SWAT, and other specialized units to conduct building searches, area searches and any other type activities that can utilize their special abilities. They also have the training to conduct narcotics searches for the above units as well. The narcotics detector dogs are responsible for assisting the Narcotics Search Warrant Teams in hundreds of search warrants each year.

In addition to the above duties our narcotics detector dogs are used to aggressively search out current narcotics storage and transportation trends and then to locate the hidden drugs using their highly developed sense of smell and skills. Mini-Storage, airports, interstate interdiction, Hotel/Motel parking lots, and parcel package delivery services are but a few of the areas targeted successfully by our very aggressive canine teams.

The results of these teams are drug seizures of cocaine and marijuana measured by the ton and money seizures by the million.

Contact Info

Phone: 901-222-6093