The Public Information Office is the media and community contact point for the Sheriff’s Office. This is the department that handles ALL news media inquiries and makes routine announcements to the media about items of interest involving the Sheriff’s Office. Coordinate news releases and generate stories for media coverage.  Handle ALL requests by the media regarding information pertaining to the Sheriff’s Office. Address service concerns/complaints from the public. Support the Initiation of new partnerships with community groups and strengthen existing relationships with community leaders, agencies, government entities, etc. prepares speeches, letter correspondence and awards/recognition for community leaders. Support Community Relations staff by having daily interaction with employees. Prepares weekly progress updates for the Sheriff and command staff.  Assists with editing duties as needed. Works with Community Affairs in partnership with neighborhood watch groups, homeowner associations, and churches to schedule meetings with the Sheriff and other members of the Command Staff of the Sheriff’s Office. The Public Information Officer is the external face and voice of the Sheriff’s Office.

Contact Info

Phone: 901-222-5523

Community Relations