Available Monday - Friday: 7:30AM-4:30PM

Information Systems is a support bureau of the Administrative Division and consists of:

  • Communications
  • Records and Identification
  • AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification)
  • Jail Population Management
  • Crime Analysis Bureau
  • Crime Report Center
  • Information Systems

The Sheriff's Office Information Systems department provides our 2000 users with the best quality service and the best computing technology available today. We maintain all computer and network equipment within the Sheriff's Office. We are also responsible for all software and database support. Our staff also instructs basic computer and application courses available for all Sheriff Office employees. Information Systems supports all access control and video surveillance. Video forensic and computer forensic support is provided by our Information Systems. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office IS department routinely provides technical solutions to the many bureaus of the Sheriff’s Office throughout the county.

Our Mission Statement

“To promote the success of all Sheriff Divisions by providing state of the art equipment, support, and program development.”

Information Systems plays a vital part in the day-to-day operations within the Sheriff's Office. We take pride in providing the foremost computer and network availability to maintain our law enforcement access to communications, research, and user case documentation, as well as crime-fighting databases via Internet, LAN, or WAN.

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
201 Poplar Ave. Suite 718
Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: 901-222-5997