Internal AffairsThe Bureau of Professional Standards & Integrity (formerly Internal Affairs) is obligated to determine the appropriate findings at the conclusion of administrative internal investigations to protect and preserve the integrity of the Sheriff's Office and its employees.

The Bureau of Professional Standards & Integrity assumes responsibility for the appropriate review and investigation of all complaints and allegations of employee misconduct. The complaints and allegations shall be investigated fairly and impartially to ensure an unbiased investigative and disciplinary process.

Schedule of Operation

The Bureau of Professional Standards & Integrity is committed to conducting fair and impartial administrative investigations on behalf of departmental employees and the citizens of Shelby County, Tennessee. The office is located at 1080 Madison Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38104. The normal office hours are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

A B.P.S.I. investigator will be available on-call, weekends, holidays and after normal office hours, to respond to any notifications or calls from the Communications Division or the appropriate command.

Complaints or allegations made by the public against the Shelby County Sheriff's Office or its employees can be registered during normal office hours at the Bureau of Professional Standards & Integrity Office. Additionally, complaints can be lodged by using our office email address at: Email Us

These concerns can be made anonymously, if warranted, or made with the intention of receiving a call back from a member of the B.P.S.I. Staff.

All persons requesting information on the Bureau of Professional Standards & Integrity complaint process shall be properly advised by authorized office personnel, in person or by telephone.

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
1080 Madison Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: 901-222-5700

The Office of Commissions, Employment and Weapon Compliance processes requests from municipal law enforcement agencies and other government agencies for authorization to carry firearms in Shelby County, Tennessee. The Office of Commissions, Employment and Weapon Compliance procedures are continually updated to comply with changes in the laws of Tennessee that govern this office, as well as changes in the Sheriff’s Office policy and procedures. This office conducts local background checks for firearms permits, which are issued by the State of Tennessee. This office currently processes 300-500 applications per month. This office currently has a staff of two clerical workers, one administrative technician and one commander.

Additional responsibilities of this office include processing all potential employees of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Special Deputy Commissions, Retired Officers, Bondsmen, Process Servers and Secondary Employment of all commissioned officers. This process includes scheduling appointments, fingerprints, conducting local reference checks, and completing range qualifications before identification cards are issued. Bonds and range qualifications must be renewed annually for Special Deputies and Retired Officers identifications.

The Applicant Processing Unit’s responsibilities include making photographs of all successful candidates, fingerprinting of all full time employees, Reserves, Emergency Services, Jail Volunteers and all others cleared by the Bureau of Professional Standards and Integrity and designated to receive ID cards as deemed required by the Sheriff’s Office. The Office of Commissions, Employment and Weapon Compliance office processes all fingerprints and photographs for all handgun applicants, bail bondsman and process servers.